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Skylon 6.2 Innerfit S Size Nocks Skylon 6.2 Innerfit S Size Nocks
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Sold in packs of 12.Available in a variety of colours. Solid or Fluo.To fit ID6.2 skylon arrows (Bentwood, Edge, Frontier etc etc) or S size fitting...
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Tungsten points for the Skylon Precium and Paragon shafts.Available in 140-130-120gr or 120-110-100gPack of 12...
Ex Tax:£87.50
Arrow spinner with sander tool from Skylon.Checks straightness of shaft, nock, broadhead, insert, and point.Perfect tool to check nock, broadhead, insert and point alignment.Low friction wheels that keeps on spinning.With sander tool for de-burring your arrow shafts...
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Traditional wood look carbon shaft by Skylon Archery. Material: 24-TON CarbonInner Diameter: 6.2mm / .244"Straightness Tolerance: ±.005"  Arrow shaft - 33"Sold as a dozen shafts.Come fitted with Nocks.Screw in point inserts included.POINTS NOT INCLUDEDOther spines available to order, please giv..
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A made up dozen Skylon Bentwood arrows. Tradtional look of wooden arrows but made from carbon.Fletched as standard with 4" roundback feathers.33" full length.Screw in inserts and points.- Material: 24-TON Carbon - ID: 6.2mm / .244" - Straightness tolerance: .005"Nock and feather colour will vary per..
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Skylon Break Off Point Empros/Bruxx
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Breakoff point for Skylon Empros/Bruxx carbon shafts.180g-160g-140g120g-110g-100gFor 300 - 500 spinePack of 12..
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Break off bulge point for Skylon 3.2mm internal diameter shafts, Precium, paragon and preminens120g - 110g - 100g100g - 90g - 80gPack of 12...
Ex Tax:£10.79
Break off points for Skylon Precium/Paragon/preminens shafts.120g-110g-100gOther weights available, please give us a call.Pack of 12..
Ex Tax:£10.79
Material: 24-TON CarbonInner Diameter: 4.2mm / .166"Straightness Tolerance: ±.0015"  Max length - 32"Comes with pins for pin nocks. (nocks sold seperately)Points sold seperately.Set of 12 shafts.* * * We measure arrow length from the throat of the nock to the end of the shaft * * *..
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A full carbon shaft by Skylon Archery.Full Length shaft 33" on all spines.A complete made up set of Bruxx arrows. Colour of vanes will vary from image, comes with pin nock adapter, large pin nock and points.Material: 24-TON CarbonInner Diameter: 8.0mm / .315"Straightness Tolerance: ±.0015"..
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A full carbon shaft from Skylon ArcheryMaterial: 24-TON CarbonInner Diameter: 8.0mm / .315"Straightness Tolerance: ±.0015"Available in 4 spines 500, 400, 350, 300Shaft length of 33" on all spinesComes with pin nock fitting with option for S nock uni bush  (sold seperately)Set of 12 shaftsPoints..
Ex Tax:£49.58
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