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Brand: Decut
A compact yet easy to use score book from Decut.With colored target faces on each page to record grouping and shot placement for visual feedback and space for additional notes...
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Shooting the English Longbow
Brand: Bickerstaffe
Shooting the English Longbow by Pip Bickerstaffe..
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Brand: Bickerstaffe
The Heritage of the Longbow by Pip Bickerstaffe..
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Tuning For Performance By Olympian Jake Kaminski
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Tuning for Performance is a step-by-step recurve archery tuning guide by two-time Olympic Silver Medalist Jake Kaminski. In these information-packed chapters, Jake will walk you through exactly how to tune your bow.Tuning MethodGeneral PrincipalsOrder of OperationsRough SetupAligning LimbsCe..
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Tuning Your Compound Bow
The fifth edition of Tuning Your Compound Bow includes - Tuning Hybrid Cams (New Chapter) Make, Serve, & Repair Strings and Cables Adjust to Your Draw Length Select the Best Arrow Rest For You Adjust Wheel Timing Calculate Stored Energy Paper Tune..
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by Archery GB This book is 68 Pages from cover to cover and is in full colour. It has chapters on :- • Types of Archery • Equipment • The Range • Technique • Competitions..
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