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Privacy Policy

Archery World aims to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in order to ensure your privacy and information security. If you would like more information on your right under the GDPR, please follow this link -

Regarding personal information of minors (anyone under the age of 16), any user who wishes to enter details or use our services must be over 16.

What data do we collect

We collect contact and address information to process and ship your order however we do not store credit/debit card information. All information related to payments is not handled or stored by Archery World, all is handled by the payment gateway that you choose to place your order through (such as SagePay or PayPal). We are notified and can see the results of your payment however we cannot see, modify or copy your actual payment details. We only keep the data concerning transaction dates, currencies, value and the products of transaction. Other information we collect that is not entered directly by the customer includes cookie data collected by our website and IP addresses used when visiting our website.

We also see and use data that is collected through Google Analytics, which tracks site usage and traffic information, however we do not provide Google Analytics with your personal information.

We use Cookies on our website to track your cart content, and to store your address details and your personal details should you choose to select the ‘Remember Me’ option. If you do not wish for our website to use Cookies to track your information these can be turned off in the settings on your chosen web browser.

How do we use your data

We only use your stored data for the purpose of processing an order and record keeping, We may also contact you on occasion through your email address to alert you to current products/services/events (however at any time you may ‘unsubscribe’ from our mailing list). Your personal data (excluding that necessary for dispatching an order) will not be shared with third party advertising or processing organisations.

Your contact and address details will be shared with courier companies to deliver your order, but only the details required to successfully ship your order. When we process data held on you we only do so as necessary to complete an order or service that you have purchased or requested. Details of your placed orders, which includes your name(s), address details, order details and contact details that you have entered are stored on our website, these details are available to you at any time should you request them and if at any point you would like these details removed we will comply as quickly as is reasonable. Physical copies of your data, which may consist of printed dispatch notes used in the dispatching process, are kept for 2-3 years for record keeping, and after this time are destroyed.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the information that we have stored and how they are being processed you can do by using the GDPR Tools by going to the 'My Account' section of the website (click your name on the top bar when logged in) And if at any point you wish to have your data removed from our system you can request this and we will comply, please contact us via email - [email protected]  or telephone – 01772698600, or again use the GDPR Tools on your account page.

As part of maintaining your data security and integrity we use the SagePay payment gateway to process credit/debit card payments that are made either through our website or via a ‘telephone order’. For PayPal payments you are redirected to the PayPal secure payment page. For Bank Transfers we will email you our details for you to process the Transfer, these emails will always be sent from [email protected] and no other email address.