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Fivics Training Band
Fivics stretch band for training and warming up...
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A spare adapter that can be left on your bow so you can move your X8 system from one bow to another...
Ex Tax:£7.75
The Mantis X8 is an unparalleled piece of technology that will change the way you shoot.While attached to any bow, the X8 analyzes the smallest of movement patterns that even the human eye cannot see.  It streams the data via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone or tablet that gives you ..
Ex Tax:£125.00
The grip trainer is an educational tool for learning archery. It is manufactured in France by plastic injection which guarantees its quality and its solidity. An over moulded insert makes it possible to screw in a stabilizer and the elastics are interchangeable to adapt the power to the ar..
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Spare/replacement elastic part for Pedago grip trainer.Available in soft, medium and hard...
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Win & Win Power Belt
Brand: Win & Win
Product ID=102780This device stabilizes the bow shoulder, which is a common problem with a novice archer...
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Brand: Saunders
Integrated grip replicates the feel of a bow. Compact design allows you to practice anywhere. Two bands for lighter high-rep exercises or heavier muscle building. Purple (light) and Yellow (medium) band can be pulled individually or together.Replacement bands and additional weight kit available sepa..
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Brand: Cartel
Cartel Training Band - in stock - Usually despatched between 24/48 hours (Mon-Fri)...
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Designed to help by reducing the number of Dry Fires Use when drawing a bow to check draw length, or feel of bow in hand. Great as an inexpensive exercise device to gain draw weight. Simply slip your hand through the lanyard and securely grip the Can't Fire Release to draw your bow back. ..
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