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Compound Accessories

Brand: AAE
The Slippery Slide Cable Guide incorporates a tough Teflon®-filled material.With an innovative design that allows for attachment of the activation cord from any fall-away rest...
Ex Tax:£8.13
Brand: Avalon
- Color: Black - Material: Neoprene - Features: Fits 30" up to 44" compound bows, protects string, cables and cams, Incl. carrier..
Ex Tax:£10.71
Brand: Bowmar
First And Only Tape Designed For ArchersKeeps The Same Feel And Effectiveness Dry Or WetReduces Lateral And Vertical Hand Movement While At Full Draw..
Ex Tax:£12.92
Brand: Kinetic
The Kinetic Glide is CNC machined cable slide which utilises bearings to achieve high speed, smooth movement and no chatter, for the ultimate cable slide solution. Available in black, red and blue. Compatible with all standard cable guard rods...
Ex Tax:£13.29
Brand: Limbsaver
Made of pure virgin Teflon, made for 3/8" cable guards (so will fit most bows), producing an ultra quiet shot, virtually eliminating cable chatter in the wet, extending cable life...
Ex Tax:£13.29
Mathews Cable Slide
Brand: Mathews
Mathews Cable Slide - one piece cable slide compatible with all standard compound cable guard bars...
Ex Tax:£4.04
Brand: PSE
The PSE five arrow X Quiver has a machined aluminum frame to make a very strong and lightweight quiver. There are no moving parts to rattle and make noise during the shot. Two mounting posts are easy to install and use...
Ex Tax:£74.03
Saunders Cable Slide Hyper Glide
Brand: Saunders
Product ID=101351 Easy click and shoot installation locks cables into position to replace any under cable-rod slide.. The brass pulleys and a single polymer- bearing glide allows smooth silent operation, reduced friction, increased arrow speed and shooting consistency. Note: The Fast Slide-Pro ..
Ex Tax:£15.42
Brand: Maximal
Double gripper design with removable upper gripper Compact, lightweight, carbon tube structure Holds up to 5 arrows Fully adjustable Fits both carbon and aluminum arrows Quick lock mounting bracket Fits both mechanical and broadhaeds Rubber hood insert reduc..
Ex Tax:£19.13
Brand: Tru Glo
Vibration-free! Features - > Trutouch soft-feel technical coating. > Secure double-gripper design. > Fits both carbon and aluminum arrows. > Fits both mechanical and fixed broadheads. > NEW! TWISTLOCK mounting bracket quick / easy, one hand removal (patent pending). ..
Ex Tax:£19.98
Brand: Tru Glo
Durable carbon composite spinePositive Cam-Lock mounting system for smooth one-hand removal — moves the quiver tight against the bow riser for superior balanceVibration-freeTru-Touch soft-feel technical coatingSecure double-gripper designFits both carbon and aluminium arrowsIncludes hanging loop..
Ex Tax:£44.13
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