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Traditional and Field Archery Kits

Brand: Samick
The Samick Sage complete kit features everything you need to get started in archery, based around the fantastic Samick sage recurve takedown bow. Kit Includes:-Samick Sage 62'' bow-String and nocking points fitted-Arrow rest fitted-Avalon A3 bag with tube-Avalon A3 quiver-Armguard & Glove-6 pine..
Ex Tax:£141.17
Brand: Ragim
Ragim Black Bear One Piece KitThe Black Bear is a one piece recurve bow designed to offer quality and performance at an excellent price, with an incredibly smooth draw and feel even at longer draw lengths despite it's short length. This bow is made with exotic red wood and black fibreglass. This kit..
Ex Tax:£182.50
Kit 11C - Longbow
Brand: AW.
The marksman longbow is a great introduction to traditional archery, with lower draw weights to allow the user to develop good form and technique, and high quality hand fletched wooden arrows spined to the bow ensure that this bow is an excellent choice for the new traditonal archer. Kit include..
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Brand: AW.
For the young archer who prefers a more traditional style of archery, this kit features everything you need to get started with a 58'' Junior flatbow with a rang eof available draw weights. Note 58 inch bow. Suitable for : Age 7-11 approx. (Height 3 ft 11 to 5 ft 2) Kit includes- ->R..
Ex Tax:£84.17
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