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Little John Complete Kit

Little John Complete Kit
Little John Complete Kit
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For the young archer who prefers a more traditional style of archery, this kit features everything you need to get started with a 58'' Junior flatbow with a rang eof available draw weights.

Note 58 inch bow. Suitable for : Age 7-11 approx. (Height 3 ft 11 to 5 ft 2)

Kit includes-

->Rexbow Eagle 58 inch Flat Bow,
->Vented Bracer
->3 Standard Wood Arrows, with plastic fletchings 30"
->Finger tab
->Dacron bow string with nocking points fitted
->Arrow Rest
->Bow stringer Saddle type
->2 x Target Faces (60cm)
-> User/Safety Guide

Target Set
With/Without Target Without Target
Limb Fitting
Limb Fitting One Piece

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