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Brand: AAE
Specifically formulated for AAE vanes made in Elastimax material. • For nocks and vanes.• High viscosity for easy and precise application. • Also suitable for other plastic vane types. • Incredibly tough. • Suitable for aluminium and carbon shafts...
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AAE Max Clean Arrow Cleaner
Brand: AAE
Removes oils and dirt from arrows for better vane adhesion.For carbon and aluminium arrows.Each capful will clean about 200 arrows.Cleans over 500 arrows...
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Avalon Arrow Marker Pen
Brand: Avalon
Arrow marker pen by Avalon. Perfect for marking your arrows for vane placement. Ideal for spin wings or other spin vanes.0.7mm tip.Colour- White..
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Bohning Cool Flex
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Brand: Bohning
A low temperature hot melt for carbon and alloy/carbon shafts...
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Brand: Bohning
Easily apply Premium Fletching Tape while keeping it free of dust and debris with Bohning's Fletching Tape Dispenser. The Fletching Tape Dispenser can be screwed to a work table for added stability. Each Dispenser comes pre-loaded with one roll of Bohning's Premium Fletching Tape for feather..
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Brand: Gas Pro
Gas Pro wrapping tape used to fix the top and bottom of the vane.Come in a variety of colour. 20 strips per piece...
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Brand: Bohning
Welds inserts and outserts to all shaft types. Insert Iron™ has excellent impact resistance and holding power, an excellent choice for bonding screw on points for wooden arrows and one peice points...
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Perfect for marking your arrows for vane placement, whether it be for plastic vanes, feathers or spin wing type vanes.Available in 3 colours.0.7mm...
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Brand: AW.
1 RollEasy to use fletching tape for fletchings such as spin wings, though can be used for feathers and other vanes. ideal for binding the top and bottom of a vane, low profile and lightweight...
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The AAE Max Adhesion Kit
Brand: AAE
A bundle pack from AAE with everything you need to prepare and glue your shafts and vanes.Includes1x Bottle of Maxbond (20 gram)1x Maxweld Primer Pen1x Pack of Cleaner Wipes (10 pack)..
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Easton Quick-Bond
HIT Approved Bonds in seconds - ready to shoot in 15mins For use with all fletching and nocks. Easton Quick bond is a very easy glue to use due to it's viscosity, and it's drying speed means you aren't waiting around all day to shoot your new arrows...
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Brand: AAE
AAE Epoxy is a two-part/24 hour epoxy for gluing nocks and point inserts into aluminum and carbon arrow shafts.  It is also an excellent all-purpose epoxy that retains a very flexible bond.  The syringe is designed to dispense equal amounts of resin and hardener to maximize strengt..
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