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Stabilisation Accessories

Brand: Arctec
Features Arctec Crosstube stabilizers: Three carbon layers using cross development technology compressed to a reduced diameter adding a high degree if rigidness Applying Insert Technology by means of additional reinforcement of the carbon tubes with internal stabilizer frames. We..
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Brand: Arctec
With the addition or removal of individual damping elements can the hardness of the shock on each bow be adjusted. The more elements are used, the harder the damper will be. Because of this, extremely accurate fine-tuning of the damping and of the balance of the bow is possible...
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Brand: Avalon
Disc weights from Avalon in black nickel version.Single disk & washer.Size: 31mm.Weight: 28grams, 56grams and 112gramsBlack nickel plated.Additional weights for the Avalon Tec X Maxx 13mm 48T double core longrod.Screw kit sold separately...
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Brand: Avalon
Barebow riser weight from Avalon.180g,270g  and 360g..
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Brand: Avalon
Cap weight available in 19mm and 22mm...
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Brand: Avalon
1/4 thread size.Various colours.Satabilzer damper...
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Brand: Avalon
Set of screws to be used with the Avalon Disk weight range...
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Avalon Stabiliser Flat Weights Avalon Stabiliser Flat Weights
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Brand: Avalon
Available in 19mm and 22mm.SilverCap weights also available...
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Brand: Avalon
Stabiliser damper by Avalon.1/4" thread size...
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Brand: Avalon
Quick disconnect with locking system by Avalon Archery.Available in straight and 10 degree.5/16 thread...
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