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Brand: Negrini
Popular design, plastic moulded case. Holds arrows in the lid and has a deep foam block for custom cutting in the bottom. Features- ->Max. external dimensions 96 x 27 x 11 cm ->4 sliding catches ->Integral carrying handle ->Max. internal dimensions 94 x 23 x 6 cm., in lid a..
Ex Tax:£29.58
Brand: Negrini
Negrini Case  Big economy suit case type with foam insert.Economical hard recurve case. Pre-cut foam for arrow storage in the lid, and an uncut solid foam block in the base. Larger than the field locker type case. L85XH32XD15.5 Bow and arrows for illustration purposes only..
Ex Tax:£35.83
Negrini Economy Compound Case Hard Negrini Economy Compound Case Hard
Brand: Negrini
Features:- ->121.5 x 40 x 16 ->4 catches ->Internal handle ->Accommodates 24 arrows upto 35" length ->Foam padded base approx. 1.5" thick ->Bow securing straps ->Weight 3.5kg..
Ex Tax:£50.00
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