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Specialty Archery

Compatible with Speciality Archery Lite and Hooded peep housings.• Various aperture sizes available. • Get the best combination for your scope...
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For the target shooter there are 3 different clarifier magnifications available with 3/64", 1/16" and 1/8" hole sizes. The clarifier will make the target crystal clear allowing you to pick out the details at a distance. The clarifier will work in all the Super Peep Housings. We recommend use of the ..
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The new Pro Series Peep is a sculpted to trim weight and boost bow performance. The hooded peep is 25% lighter on your string than the original Hooded Super Peep housing. This results in increased arrow speed. The Peep opening is 3/16" and accepts all Specialty Archery 1/8" apertures, clarifier..
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Peep sight housing from Speciality Archery.Compatible with a variety of inserts and lenses for the best aim.Optimized for longer steeper string angles...
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Specialty Archery Scope Circles & Dots
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Single sheet with three colour options included- yellow,black and orange. Each sheet comes with a good range of sizes of both dots and circles so you can get the perfect size and combination for your aim Easy to apply to your lens ..
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