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Flex 3/4" Ball Damper
Brand: Flex
Our Flex Ball damper is not a typical damper device. Our design is the most advanced on the market. Why? the innercore is the heart of the FlexBall, designed for the vibrations transmitted onto the stabilizer, always protected of the external conditions, always working. The outside is the skin of th..
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Brand: Flex
Very good - and colourful - arrow puller from Flex Archery. The rubber grips carbon and aluminium shafts more effectively than the similar looking standard black arrow pullers...
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Brand: Flex
A 'Kisser Button' is a small plastic disc attached to the bowstring. It is positioned on the bowstring, so that at full draw, it will touch the the archer's lips. It can be located to touch the nose instead, if the archer chooses to use this position. The purpose of the Kisser Button is to provide a..
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Finger Protector for bowstrings
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Brand: Flex
Product ID=101440 Finger Guard 4 pack..
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