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Tru Ball

Tru Ball Blade Pro Quicksilver Release Aid
Brand: Tru Ball
Thumb release from TRU Ball. Key features: Heavy weight brass construction with Quicksilver anti-corrosion coating.Thumb trigger style activation.Thinner head and jaw reduce D-loop torque for a cleaner release and better arrow flight.Textured side plates and second and third finger contact - ..
Ex Tax:£195.83
Brand: Tru Ball
Convertible trigger/ hinge release from TRU Ball. Key features: Can be simply converted from thumb trigger activation to hinge.Aluminium and brass body for a weighted feel in your hand.Ergonomic, interchangeable finger pieces included to swap between three, four and hook three finger models.Ultra ..
Ex Tax:£237.50
Tru Ball Max Pro Plus Thumb Release
Brand: Tru Ball
Head swivels 360 degrees - easy to open and close jaws - completely silent -Finger bed grooves for added grip -Adjustable sensitivity screw Maximum Safety!use built-in lanyard to keep release from slamming through if it slips out of your hand. Maximum Draw Length! A smaller head and smaller j..
Ex Tax:£86.50
Brand: Tru Ball
Easily store and access you handheld release aid Corded fabric lining protects from scratches and other damage Internal divider prevents releases hitting and damaging each other, while maintaining easy access Small back pocket ideal for storing nocks or other small parts Drawstring closure in waterp..
Ex Tax:£17.50
Brand: Tru Ball
Designed for smaller hands, with a smaller head and jaws to maximize draw length, loading speed, and silence. Pull trigger to open the jaws let up to close the jaws. Head swivels 360 degrees. Available in Black. Available in 3 finger models only. Perfect for women and children. The Champ!..
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Brand: Tru Ball
Built extra tough with machined knurling for added grip! Pull trigger to open, let up to close. Rigid rod keeps the 1/2" sized ergonomic head closed and ready. Featuring a new spin on our number 1 selling T.R.U. BALL® release! Buckle StrapLarge.Black (Camo available to order, please ..
Ex Tax:£39.95
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