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TopHat Point Installation Tool
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Brand: TopHat
Arrow building tool from Top Hat. Key features: Easily grip points for installation on wooden arrows.Fits points of all sizes.Assists in keeping force centred during installation for optimal installation...
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TopHat Shaft Shaper Kit
Brand: TopHat
Tool for shaping shafts for point installation Ideal in combination with Top Hat points Use in combination with a power drill on low speed setting (max 2000rpm) Kit comes with 5/16, 11/32 and 23/64..
Ex Tax:£17.08
TopHat Thread Making Tool
In Stock
Brand: TopHat
Cuts thread into your wooden shafts for installation of points Effective on even densest grain woods Use in combination with the Point installation tool and shaft shaper for best results..
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Brand: TopHat
These TopHat® Screw-On Classic 3D Brass Points are perfect for preserving your wooden arrows. The brass material is softer and more forgiving than other metals, which decreases the possibility of damage on the arrow. Specially designed for 3D targets, the Screw-On Classic 3D Brass Point e..
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