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Brand: JVD
F.I.T.A. approved reinforced paper face, with standard 10-ring scoring and colouring.40cm..
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Brand: JVD
Easy to read, four-digit display. Durable metal construction. Simple way to track your training and arrow volumes...
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Brand: JVD
Stylish umbrella from JVD, with snazzy target design Size: 130cm  ..
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Brand: JVD
These Group 1 animal faces are the same faces from our full set of 16 faces, these being the smaller faces, with scoring zones and amazing detail, these are a great choice for a shorter or more challenging shot. Dimensions: Squirrel - 25 x 26 cm        &nbs..
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Brand: JVD
These Group 2 animal faces are slightly larger than the group 1's but no less detailed and attractive, with marked scoring rings and several animal options available. Dimensions: Rabbit - 40 x 33 cm                &nb..
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Brand: JVD
Group 3 animal faces provide a medium sized face with great detail and scoring rings for competitive and challenging targets, available in quantities of 1 or 10. Dimensions: Fox - 68 x 50 cm                  ..
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Brand: JVD
Group 4 animla faces provide larger targets with vital scoring rings and amazing attention to detail, making them perfect for a field course, or to change up backyard shooting and practice. Dimensions: Wolf - 100 x 85 cm             ..
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Brand: JVD
Group 5 animal faces are the largest of this style of face, featuring the amazing Bear and Stag designs, which are highly detailed and makred for vital scoring. Excellent choices for any field course or backyard archer. Dimensions: Bear - 110 x 96 cm        ..
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Brand: JVD
A full set of 16 animal faces, perfect for setting up a field course or for fun and interesting backyard use, with a variety of animals coming in a selection of sizes, these faces provide a great deal of enjoyment. Faces included may differ slightly depending on stock.  ..
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