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Kap Challenger Kit

Kap Challenger Kit
Kap Challenger Kit
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Recommended For : Those looking for a more advanced kit

This set is for those looking for a more advanced kit. The Challenger is ideal for both beginners and intermediate archers which includes all the equipment you will need to get started at a club. The bow in this set has a metal riser with IFL (international fitting limbs) by one of the top names in archery.

Handle length 23" (Riser in picture is T Rex Handle)

Accessories may vary dependant on stock
Kit Includes:
-> KAP Challenger / T-Rex Riser
-> Core Limbs
-> Limb Adjustment pack
-> FF string with nock points
-> Magnetic flipper rest
-> 8 Jazz arrows
-> Cartel Atom/Avalon Tyro Bow Sight
-> Pressure Button
-> Armguard
-> Anchor Tab
-> Bow Stringer end to end type
-> AW economy quiver
-> Take down case with arrow tube
-> User/safety guide


Target Set
With/Without Target Without Target
Limb Fitting
Limb Fitting Int. Limb Fitting

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